Do you MOOT...?

I do.  I look, listen, and feel for what is beyond my every day experience.  Somewhere outside our normal perception of reality are supernatural wonders of both beauty and horror.  Look to Moot to find these typically hidden and elusive mysteries that never make the mainstream news.

As a digital media artist and instructor, I created Moot to transcend storytelling conventions, to embrace technology across multi-platforms and present a fantastical world with mystery, satire and humor at its core.

Check out our video on the Moot Kickstarter Page for an inside look at all that we have planned for Moot as well as the first episode of Moot Monster animated series. Then pre-order the Moot Movie DVD/Blu-ray set, the Moot Monster Flash Drive with its exclusive digital content, your copy of Moot Mag and much more including a mobile game. It is only with your support that we can make all this happen.

At this point, Moot is not a big budget Hollywood project.  This is DIY at its finest.  I’m blessed with the creative support of my wife, my muse — the super talented Cindera Che, who plays the powerful witch Deva in the Moot Movie.

The Moot Movie is a sci-fi thriller that follows Mattox Durant, a vengeful Hollywood paparazzo who launches Moot Magazine to expose a supernatural underworld.  Mattox’s prying lens leads him to a club of Asian witches where he must chose whether to expose these magical women or forge a dangerous alliance.

In print and on the web, Moot Magazine is sensory seduction.  It extends the world of Moot Movie by providing readers with amazing stories, along with artist profiles, useful mind and body info, games, contests, and comics.  Every page is a visually immersive experience allowing the reader to escape into a universe of mind-bending entertainment.  The first collectible edition of Moot Magazine is available in print at our Moot Kickstarter Page.

The future of Moot depends on you to spread the word.  Please register and tell your friends by using the social links below.  I want you and your friends to have a blast in the world of Moot.

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Ryan Nellis